Wellness Program

The Community Support Program (CSP) program embraces the philosophy that physical health is an important component of overall health. Clients are encouraged to engage in activities that promote physical as well as mental health. All members of the CSP team work to assist clients to identify measures to decrease physical risk factors and to engage in activities that promote physical health. Within the CSP Wellness Program there are four levels of care: individual, group, program and community. The program has a designated nurse who works to promote physical health on 4 levels:

    1. On an individual level:
        • Personalized health coaching
        • Diet and exercise planning
        • Wellness plan development
        • Social integration in the community
    2. On a group level:
        • Social integration fitness groups- Curves, VTC, walking group
        • Heath and nutritional support
        • Smoking cessation supports
        • Peer support and encouragement
    3. On a program level:
        • Coordination of Wellness Plan with Case Managers and support staff
        • Provide education on health issues
        • Assist in coordinating health activities.
    4. On a community level:
        • Coordination with and other heath care providers in the community
        • Advocate for client to promote wellness
        • Communicate regarding health needs of clients
        • Foster an integrated approach to wellness for CSP clients.

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