Outpatient Services

While general outpatient services are focused on ages 6-15, the services below are available to any and all children within the larger Child and Family Program.

Therapy – based upon the individual clinical needs, youth are assigned to a therapist that will best match the needs of the youth/family. Our staff offer specialized evidence based treatment in areas such as: Attachment Therapy, Play Therapy, Art Therapy, Trauma Focused Treatment, Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.

Group Programming – The Child and Family Program designs group curriculum with the population and community needs in mind. Group programming addresses: emotion regulation, social skills, interpersonal relationship skills, family groups, parenting groups, substance abuse education groups, and specific targeted skills groups.

Summer Group Programming – Skill building and the need for supports continues even when school lets out for the summer. We design skill based curriculum for groups that are delivered in the community that incorporate healthy, fun activities into the acquisition and practice of skills.

Case Management – Based upon the needs of the child and family, case management can provide either short term or more intensive supports to address needs outside of the therapy office. This can include parenting supports (either in the home or in the office), resource finding and referrals to additional services, and coordination with other professionals and community based supports.

Community Supports – Child and Family clinicians provide community based supports designed for children in need. These supports assist with taking the children into the community to use a hands on approach in learning skills. Children are able to learn skills, including social, communication, peer interaction, emotional, and behavioral. Children learn to implement the skills within a community context while receiving support and coaching at the same time.

Child Psychiatric Services – The Child and Family Program offers limited psychiatric services to those individuals with higher acuity of psychiatric needs. Our child psychiatrist utilizes a consultation model, in which our psychiatrist stabilizes the youth’s medications and then refers the youth back to their pediatrician. The pediatricians are encouraged to use the psychiatrist to consult on any further questions or medication changes.

Outpatient ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) – Intensive ABA services are available for children who qualify for these services. Qualifying children must be between the ages of 2 and 10, have a verified diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, and services must be prescribed by a doctor. Outpatient ABA services provide in-home support through a Behavioral Support Plan that is implemented by a Behavioral Technician and developed by a Board Certified Behavioral Analyst. Intensive services are put in place to support skill acquisition and parenting supports.

Respite Services – Sometimes a family or youth needs time to get away from their current circumstance. Our respite program allows youth to take planned “breaks” where they are able to be in a different environment to gain some space or perspective, and sometimes to just be able to have some quality one on one time with a provider who is there to support them. Respite is a limited, short term option that aims to reduce immediate stress, while allowing for natural resources to be put in place for long term supports. In order to be eligible for Respite Services a youth must be actively engaged in clinical services, and be willing to adhere to the rules of the program.