Payment & Terms

Weekend IDRP (Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program)

Or mail a money order in the amount of $500.00, payable to:
Clara Martin Center
39 Fogg Farm Road
Wilder, VT 05088

These are the only acceptable forms of payment.

Cancellation Policy:  There is a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel prior to 48 hours you are eligible for a full refund, or you can be moved to a class at a later date/. If you cancel within 48 hours, you are NOT eligible for a refund. In order to attend a future weekend, you must pay an additional registration fee of $500.00.

According to State requirements you may be required to attend further counseling. For first offenders, this treatment program must consist of a minimum of 6 hours and 4 sessions, and they must continue over a minimum period of 4 weeks.  Second offenders are mandated to attend a minimum of six months and at least 20 sessions of alcohol/drug treatment.

In order to be registered into the program you must complete and return the registration forms, all forms MUST be filled out with your full legal name as it appears on your license.

In order to participate in the weekend program, we must have a signed physical examination form from your Doctor stating that you are medically cleared to attend the program. Attached is a physical form, although your doctor may choose to use a similar form. Your physical does not have to be completed to register, but you must have a physical within 90 days prior to attending the Weekend Impaired Driver Rehabilitation Program (IDRP). The physical paperwork must be in our possession 2 WEEKS before your scheduled weekend Failure to submit your physical examination form by the deadline will result in your inability to attend the confirmed weekend.  Placement will then be based upon the next available date.  NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED FOR THOSE PARTICIPANTS NOT HAVING A PHYSICAL.

PLEASE NOTE: This program is for people with DUI #1 and DUI #2 only. If you are being charged with 3 or more DUI’s you are not eligible for the Weekend Program. Please contact IDRP at (802) 651-1574 for more information.