Staff Testimonials

"The Clara Martin Center has always been flexible and sensitive to my needs and obligations to my family. CMC sees me as an individual and not just an employee of the agency. I have had tremendous support and flexibility around getting supervision for my licensure. I am dually licensed which means I needed years of supervision by two different schools and I was able to obtain that all here. I feel CMC has been more than generous with taking my continuing education into consideration and I have had the opportunity to attend many trainings including week long intense courses. I feel heard and respected by my supervisor. CMC highly values good supervision which is something we need to be able to do these jobs. I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to advance my career over the years here from a clinician to a part time supervisor and on to a program coordinator. I have had the opportunity to supervise interns and effect change in people entering this field. The best part of my job is enjoying the people I work with. My co-workers are smart, funny, supportive and flexible and I could not do my job without them!"
Lexi Burroughs
Care Coordinator/Student Assistance Program Supervisor

"I have worked at the Clara Martin Center for 14 years in the front office. I have had the opportunity to have contact with clients of all ages. It is wonderful to see the difference that the Clara Martin Center Staff can have on our clients and the improvements the clients can make. I also feel very supported by the staff at the Clara Martin Center and enjoy working here. I love my job!"
Joy Appleton
Administrative Assistant

"Work at Clara Martin Center for 25 years and you are guaranteed to come across change.  One thing that hasn’t changed in all the time I’ve been here is the remarkable care and compassion that I have witnessed from our staff and Board Members.  They truly care about their community and the consumers we serve.  The Board is made up of a wonderful group of community members that live in the service areas that Clara Martin Center covers.  They know the feeling of their communities, and in turn, they know the concerns, needs and wants of their neighbors in those communities.  They have a strong concern for our staff members, making sure they are supported in an ever changing environment so they stay strong for those that we serve.   No one cares for some changes, but the changes at CMC are accomplished always with the needs of our community in mind.  It pushes us forward to make us better and stronger for those we help."
Gretchen Linton
Admin. Assist. Community Support Program & Board of Trustees

"I have appreciated working as part of a team that is committed to providing an important service to the community.  There is real sense of purpose that underlies what we do here and I feel that we’re good at keeping our service to the community as the priority.   I have also appreciated the unique connection to the Orange County area that working at Clara Martin has given me.  My clients over the years have come from all walks of life and it has been a rich and rewarding experience to be able to work with them."
Andrew Nuss
Adult Outpatient Clinician