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Clara Martin Center can be a mental health resource during large-scale events that impact our community as whole.

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Clara Martin Center welcomes and encourages financial contributions. These funds go to support the services and programs offered to local communities. Your contribution will help make a difference in the lives of your friends and neighbors.

Your donation is tax-deductible.

The Micah Fund

The Micah Fund logo

The Micah Fund was established in memory of Micah Errol Porter, a peer mentor in Clara Martin Center’s Youth in Transition program. He was the heart and soul of his community, a bright shooting star on a skateboard.

About Micah

As a young child, Micah was an unstoppable force, and as an adult, he was a strong-willed man who didn’t fit into social constructs. He rejected the idea of fitting in, he wanted to be himself. His mane of long fiery red hair was his trademark, wrapped in a bandana, trailing behind him when he skated around his community. He was passionate about music, playing drums in a local band called The Silhouette, and volunteering at The Main Street Museum in White River Junction, where he led weekly hootenannies, complete with his extensive knowledge of sea chanteys and show tunes.

Micah’s work with the Youth in Transition program at Clara Martin Center was a testament to his desire to help people. He was incredibly good at transferring his learned experiences with depression into guidance for others like him, those who were easily lost and misunderstood. He made space for them, giving them a place to be seen and heard and empowering them to work together to achieve their goals. His work earned him the Young Adult Leadership Award from the Youth in Transition state team in 2012 for “demonstrating excellence and inspiring others to perform their best”. He fought tirelessly against the stigma surrounding mental health issues but ended his battle with depression in 2020 at the age of 25.

The Micah Fund was established in 2020 as a way to remember Micah’s fierce spirit, dedication, compassion, and unforgettable contributions to the Upper Valley. Donations to the Micah Fund will provide crucial assistance to teens and young adults in the community who are struggling with mental health issues. 

The Porter Family and the Thetford Academy class of 2013 thank you for your contributions.

Micah Errol Porter May 22, 1995 – July 5, 2020
Micah with his mentor Cate Beaton(left), and his mother, Kathleen Porter(right) after receiving the Young Adult Leadership Award in 2012
Micah with his mentor Cate Beaton(left), and his mother, Kathleen Porter(right) after receiving the Young Adult Leadership Award in 2012

You guys have made me feel like I am worth loving and caring about myself. I feel like Clara Martin Center saved my life.

Clara Martin Center Client

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