East Valley Academy

Offering each child the opportunity to learn, develop and strengthen the skills necessary to attain success in the community, home, and traditional school environment.

About East Valley Academy

East Valley Academy (EVA) is a licensed independent school that provides educational and therapeutic services to youth with severe emotional and behavioral challenges in grades 3-12. Youth who attend EVA are referred and tuitioned by their school. Clara Martin Center oversees all therapeutic as well as academic aspects of EVA.

As an Independent School, EVA’s curriculum and program have been approved by the Vermont Agency of Education and all earned academic credit is fully transferable.

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Goals of the program

To maintain and promote:

  • Academic Learning
  • Team Building 
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Positive Social Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Strengthen Ability to Take Ownership of Individual Issues
  • Respect
  • Foster Emotional Growth

EVA Programs

Summer Adventure Program

East Valley Academy offers Summer Adventure Programs for children ages 7-12, with separate programming for each age bracket. The summer programming builds upon the positive social and problem-solving skills that the student learns during the school year in a high-intensity, outdoor experiential learning program. Activities include rock climbing, canoeing/kayaking, hiking, rappelling, and orienteering.  

Extended School Year Program

East Valley Academy offers an Extended School Year (ESY) for 5 weeks in the summer. ESY is offered to students who need to obtain academic skills continuously throughout the year. ESY participates in an Adventure Learning Day, hands-on activities in school and in the community, as well as volunteering. Participation in the ESY program is contingent on the sending school’s determination that this service is necessary for the student.

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