Dr. Brewster Martin Award

Dr. Brewster Martin Award

This award is dedicated in the name of a caring country doctor whose support of the Clara Martin Center, and more importantly, the citizens of the greater Orange County area, was strong and will always be remembered.

Dr. Brewster Martin was a man who lived each day and enjoyed his life. Dr. Martin served on our Board of Directors since the passing of his wife Clara Martin. He was full of humor; telling stories of his love for the stage or a loving story of his family and friends. He always asked “How are you?” and would quickly make you feel the bright light of the day in whatever you presented to him. He was proud of everyone and lived to promote happiness and strength in each person. His demonstrated love for life penetrated the very essence of the community and this organization.

Dr. Martin believed in the mind-body connection to physical and spiritual health. He lived this philosophy in his practice as a physician and in his support to the agency. Dr. Martin was one man who contributed to the spirit of the Board of Directors, all of whom support the mission of a caring and responsive community of providers.

It is the commitment of the Board of Directors to keep the strength of the organization focused on our future and to hold true to the spirit of those who helped to create this solid foundation in which we all stand on today. The commitment of the Board of Directors is to the community and the staff who serves our community with courage and strength, all of which is essential to the success of each citizen.

Current Dr. Brewster Martin Award Recipient:

Linda and Michele

Michele Boutin
Health Info Coordinator

Michele Boutin came to the agency in 2005, joining the agency IT Department and was quickly promoted to be our Health Information Coordinator.  Her level of expertise and knowledge has benefited the agency and helped many staff to solve problems one day at a time.  Michele is a foundational member of the teams that planned, reviewed, choose and implemented the electronic health record in 2012. She has been instrumental in the development of the system and its continual evolution of improvements.

  • Michele is a consistent source of support for staff
  • Michele is behind the scene, always willing to jump in at a moments notice
  • Michele is an expert in all things related to the clinical record system
  • Michele is grounded and establishes strong trusting relationships with staff
  • Michele is able to work with the most difficult problems and helps to create solutions with success
  • Michele is respected by all staff and is an excellent listener
  • Michele is honest, dependable, loyal, compassionate and professional
  • Michele is able to translate her skill across multiple groups of people and settings
  • Michele is a creative fast thinker and is always willing to challenge herself to grow
  • Michele is always friendly even in the face of difficult situations
  • Michele is respected and has great relationships with many, both in the agency and in our community
  • Michele is able to balance her home and work life and has mastered the concept of “one day at a time” while keeping a positive outlook everyday
  • Michele is bright, fast thinking and a clever detective
  • Michele is able to focus, monitor, and make other people’s jobs easier  
  • Michele exemplifies quality, commitment and excellence
  • Michele is able to learn, develop and help others to be able to take on difficult new learning experiences

Michele expertly manages all of the clinical records in the agency, including monitoring, reviewing, teaching and identifying concerns.  She is an expert in figuring out methods to make documentation sensible and easier for clinical staff. She is an expert in finding ways to collect information, create user friendly reports and find just about anything in the dark hole of achieves. Michele’s skill, creativity, dedication and expertise as well as her ability to take on challenging issues in a supportive manner with her colleagues makes her an excellent choice for the Dr. Brewster Martin award. The agency service systems have improved over the years and Michele has helped in many of these initiatives. Michele is deserving of the honor and respect this award stands for and she is an excellent model of the Clara Martin Center motto “People Helping People”.


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