Letter from Congressman Peter Welch to the Clara Martin Center on their 50th Anniversary

A Letter From Peter Welch

Dear Ms. Chambers,

Congratulations to you and your staff at the Clara Martin Center on the occasion of your 50th anniversary. During these many years, you have been at the forefront of providing much-needed mental health and substance use services to your community.

We owe a great deal of gratitude to your founders, Dr. Brewster Martin and his wife Clara, for their pioneering understanding that care in the community is superior care. They were champions of community-based services before there was even a word for it. Brewster and Clara would be proud to see how much this organization has grown, how far-reaching its services are, and the important role its staff plays in the lives of the individuals they serve and their families.

My work in the United States Congress is informed and inspired by the good work of organizations like the Clara Martin Center. I will keep your agency’s motto, “people helping people”, in my thoughts as I continue to fight for the funding and program flexibility that enables you and your staff to continue providing so many vital services to the community.

Again, congratulations on this impressive milestone. I wish you all the best for the next 50 years.


Peter Welch
Member of Congress

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