Danielle Drown headshot

Dr. Brewster Martin Award Recipient 2020

Danielle (Dani) Drown, Specialized Care Case Manager

Danielle Drown was first hired on August 12, 2013 as a Hospital Diversion Case Manager and after 2.5 years she left for a short time.  Danielle’s second hire date was February 16, 2016 and she was hired as a Specialized Care Case Manager.

  • Danielle is a kind, generous and incredibly skilled clinician and case manager
  • Danielle is always eager to help others; staff, clients and the community
  • Danielle is a natural leader who uses her gifts to bring people together
  • Danielle goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients are getting the best care possible
  • Danielle is always eager to listen and motivated to help others in any way she can
  • Danielle’s smile and whit brighten the office anytime she is near
  • Danielle makes you feel comfortable, safe, and ensures that you feel heard and listened to
  • Danielle is the epitome of resourcefulness, helping clients get their needs met by all reasonable means possible
  • Danielle has developed community connections and established and fostered relationships with community partners for resources and funds
  • Danielle has engaged and created programs to aid clients and promote awareness of mental health needs
  • Danielle is accessible, supportive and compassionate toward clients and fellow staff alike
  • Danielle is humorous, friendly and down-to-earth
  • Danielle will go to great lengths to help a client or coworker
  • Danielle is a beacon of light and hope for her clients when they are struggling and is a source of strength and encouragement in the midst of uncertain times

Danielle is very deserving of the honor and respect this award stands for and she is an excellent model of the Clara Martin Center motto “People Helping People”.

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