Women sitting at tables underneath a tent

Safe Haven Celebrates 18 years!

During an annual picnic on August 25th, 2016, Safe Haven celebrated 18 years of operations as a transitional living residence for those that are experiencing homelessness and mental health needs. Safe Haven was originally founded as a partnership between Clara Martin Center, Vermont Psychiatric Survivors, and the National Alliance of Mental Illness.

As a leader in providing innovative care to residents of the program, Safe Haven was one of the first sites in community mental health that partnered work between both a clinician and a community member that had lived experience working in the house to support residents. While the peer supports were initially offered through Vermont Psychiatric Survivors, in the fall of 2014, that role was taken over by Clara Martin Center, and all peer mentors were hired as new recovery staff.

The Safe Haven project continues to be a vital resource and has helped numerous people on their path to permanent housing stability.

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