Jenni Campbell holding the 2018 Dr. Brewster Martin Award

Dr. Brewster Martin Award recipient 2018

Jenni Campbell, Child & Family Team Leader

Jenni Campbell joined the agency in 2004 as a case manager on the child and family team. She went back to school and obtained her master’s degree and quickly was promoted as team leader and regional director for the Randolph team. Her level of expertise and knowledge has benefited the agency and helped many staff to solve problems one day at a time.  She has been instrumental in aiding other agency teams, such as Bradford and EVA as requested.  

  • Jenni is a consistent source of support for staff
  • Jenni is always willing to jump in at a moments notice
  • Jenni is the force of calm in a team
  • Jenni is grounded and establishes strong trusting relationships with staff and clients
  • Jenni is able to work with the most difficult problems and helps to create solutions with success
  • Jenni is respected by all staff and is an excellent listener
  • Jenni is honest, dependable, loyal, compassionate and professional
  • Jenni is able to translate her skill across multiple groups of people and settings
  • Jenni is always positive and her go to answer is “we will figure it out”
  • Jenni is always no nonsense in her feedback and does not sugar coat even in the face of difficult situations
  • Jenni is respected and has great relationships with many, both in the agency and in our community
  • Jenni is able to balance her home and work life
  • Jenni is bright, fast thinking and the calm in the storm
  • Jenni is able to focus, monitor, and support staff in a caring and non-judgmental manner
  • Jenni is a team lead that when sent in to help is felt by others when she leaves
  • Jenni is able to learn, develop and help others to be able to take on difficult new learning experiences

Jenni manages all of the duties in her job with professionalism and care. She is an expert in figuring out ways to keep the team moving forward even in the most difficult situations. She embraces the overall agency mission and is willing to help whenever and however she can to best keep the quality and care intact.  The agency hit the jackpot with Jenni, we all know this and we hope she knows this as well.  Jenni’s creativity, dedication and expertise as well as her ability to take on challenging issues in a supportive manner with her colleagues makes her an excellent choice for the Dr. Brewster Martin Award. The agency child and family service systems have improved over the years and Jenni has helped in many ways to serve our clients and community. Jenni is deserving of the honor and respect this award stands for and she is an excellent model of the Clara Martin Center motto “People Helping People”.

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