Paula Rivizzio holding the 2019 Dr. Brewster Martin Award

Dr. Brewster Martin Award Recipient 2019

Paula Riviezzo joined the agency in January 2005 as a CSP Case Manager in Bradford.

  • Paula is an exemplary leader in every facet of our program, taking on everything from the most demanding caseload to simple  workplace courtesies with equal   professionalism and grace.
  • Paula is a generous and caring provider who goes above and beyond for her clients and other clinicians on a daily basis. Her compassion and empathy are uncanny, and boundaries are always clear.
  • Paula is a “doer” in every sense, sacrificing her own comfortable routine to be certain no work is performed without diligence.
  • She runs the CSP wellness program single handedly, providing clients with support for their health and socialization. Staff have  witnessed firsthand how spectacularly the group benefits the clients. Paula is expertly versed in exercise and nutrition. Paula loves to cook and she has taken this passion and used it to help others. She has taught healthy cooking classes and for years was the lead on the garden where we have a farm to table approach in class. Perhaps most impressively, the kitchen never fails to be cleaner at the end of the class than at the beginning.
  • Paula supports family members with great care and works as a liaison with businesses and community members. She is a great advocate for her clients and always has their best interests at heart.
  • Paula displays an inordinate amount of patience and compassion for struggling clients. Paula has a knack for helping those who struggle with psychosis.
  • Paula has a wonderful sense of humor. She goes above and beyond for her clients and is a very caring person and co-worker. Paula puts 120% into her work every day.
  • Paula is a great asset to the agency and she cares deeply for what the Clara Martin Center stands for.
  • Paula’s clients love her and know that she is doing all she can to help them get the services they need and enjoy meeting with her.
  • Paula is looked up to by staff as a leader and go to her for support with any questions or concerns they may have. She is a mentor to new and even seasoned staff. Her co-workers and clients are all better people because of her.
  • Paula has dedicated her life to serving those with the needs and she has done it with kindness, compassion, generosity and from a loving heart.
  • Paula is what one colleague referred to as “old school.” She is a hard worker, often working over 40 hours per week to meet the needs of her clients.
  • Paula is the quintessential friend and role model and her colleagues are report she is a pleasure to work with and they are grateful for her service.

Paula is very deserving of the honor and respect this award stands for and she is an excellent model of the Clara Martin Center motto “People Helping People”.

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