Kevin Harty as the Recipient of the Vocational Service Award in 2017 with female Clara Martin Center employee at left

Vocational Service Award 2017 Recipient

Central Vermont Basic Education

The 2017 Vocational Service Award was presented to Central Vermont Adult Basic Education (CVABE). Clara Martin Center’s Vocational Services Coordinator, Holly Benoir presented the award to Thomas Treece, Teacher and Community Coordinator at CVABE and said “Through CVABE, Clara Martin Center clients from various programs have improved mathematics and literary skills; they have become versed in computer use, and they have earned high school diplomas and GEDs.”

“Not only has CVABE promoted schooling prospects for ‘non-conventional’ students, it has welcomed the talents of agency clients as tutors in areas which they excel. By sharing their own knowledge through teaching others, clients have boosted their self-confidence and expanded their community connections.” Benoir added

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