Peg DeGoosh receiving the 2020 Arny Spahn Community Service Award from female Clara Martin Center employees

Arny Spahn Community Service Award 2020 Recipient

Peg DeGoosh, Director of the Atkinson House in Newbury, VT

Peg is being recognized as an invaluable resource and care-giver devoted to helping others in our local area, for over a decade.

Peg has been a role model for community engagement and advocacy for the needs of individuals experiencing aging and physical and mental health challenges.

Peg has extended a warm welcome for more folks who struggle with mental health challenges, to become residents of the Atkinson House.  Her kind and generous invitation is a beacon of hope for those seeking a place to call home.

Peg’s ongoing advocacy and addressing stigma is work that is impactful and essential, now more than ever.

Thank you Peg, your efforts exemplify how the accessibility of fundamental needs support the healing and well-being for all individuals!

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