2023 Annual Meeting and Awards

The 2023 Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony for Clara Martin Center was held at the “Our Lady of the Angels” Roman Catholic Church in Randolph on Thursday, November 2nd. A delicious meal was provided by the students in the Culinary Arts Program from the Randolph Technical & Career Center. We are so grateful to have been able to enjoy the meal they prepared for us, it was truly a showcase of the student’s talent, hard work, and dedication.

Our mission through the years has always been to provide acute and long-term behavioral health care services to our community, and through the evening we honored our colleagues and community members who have embodied that mission day in and day out. Every presentation provided evidence to show that we are a truly resilient community, with People Helping People throughout the population. 

Every year, Clara Martin Center gives out the Vocational Service Award, the Arnold Spahn Community Service Award and the recently re-titled Martin Family Service Award (formerly Dr. Brewster Martin Award) to honor deserving colleagues and community members who have exemplified our agency philosophy of “People Helping People” over the last year, however many of them have been People Helping People for a very long time.

Vocational Award

The 2023 Vocational Service Award was presented to Vincent Freeman of Underground Recording Studio in recognition of their dedication to offering vocational experiences for a local youth through the CMC JOBS program. Their welcomeness and warmth created an environment that provides a safe space for people to grow, learn and thrive, and left a lasting impression on the youth who participated.

Vincent Freeman

Arnold Spahn Community Service Award

The 2023 Arnold Spahn Community Service Award was presented to Siobhan O’Shea in recognition of their commitment to the needs of the community members she serves. Siobhan has assisted the Clara Martin Center team to achieve the best possible health outcomes for clients by obtaining blood draws and working with the medical team, and going above and beyond to meet clients where they are to ensure they receive high quality care. Siobhan’s dedication has led her to perform blood draws in parking lots during COVID and travelling to client’s homes to do them as well. There are many other examples of Siobhan’s dedication, as she is always willing to do whatever is needed for the best physical and mental health outcome of the people we serve.

Melanie Gidney presenting Jenny Beaudin with her award

Martin Family Service Award

The 2023 Martin Family Service Award was presented to Jenny Beaudin, AOD/Criminal Justice Clinician and MAT Coordinator. This award is in recognition of Jenny’s dedication to the agency, our clients, and our team. Jenny is an exemplary clinician, a wonderful team member, and a compassionate person. Working day and evening, Jenny goes above and beyond to find ways to better benefit the CMC clients and their needs. She is resourceful, knowledgeable, and deeply committed to community mental health and substance use care. Jenny is truly a People Helping Person.

Staff Longevity Awards

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