Marla Simpson receives the 2016 Arnie Spahn Community Service Award

Arny Spahn Community Service Award 2016 Recipient

Marla Simpson

Marla Simpson received the very first Arnie Spahn Community Service Award.  Simpson has been a strong public advocate to support mental health services in Orange County and the State of Vermont. She is a member of the Board Advisory and Local Standing Committee for Clara Martin Center. Members of this committee are involved in the development of the local system of care plans for the various programs at the agency.

Marla was nominated by the governor to be on the committee for the Vermont Governor Council on Pathway from Poverty. This committee provides input regarding the local issues related to poverty.  She strongly advocates and works to educate other committee and community members on the needs of adults who live in poverty and those who have mental health needs.

Marla is also a member of the Vermont Adult Statewide Program Standing committee on mental health. This committee advises the Department of Mental Health on key issues and developments.

Gretchen Pembroke, Director of Adult Service and Primary Care at Clara Martin Center, said Marla is a “bright, compassionate woman who does not shy away from an opportunity to use her voice to help others. Marla has been and will continue to be a passionate advocate for members of the Randolph community and the larger state mental health system.”

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