Clara Martin Center staff and Aidia Busconi holding the 2021 Dr. Brewster Martin Award

Dr. Brewster Martin Award Recipient 2021

Aida Busconi, CVSAS Practice Manager

Many staff have had the pleasure of working with Aida Busconi as the Practice Manager with Clara Martin Center at Central Vermont Substance Use Services.  It’s not a secret that a Practice Manager does a lot of everything.  HR, Avatar/EHR, grants, coordinating with other entities/community partners, working with clients around their billing issues/concerns, managing administrative staff, supporting all staff…  and the list goes on and on and on. 

  • “Honestly, I am not sure when she sleeps (and I can attest to that because she will often send emails at 4 or 5am). 
  • She keeps the trains running (so to speak) and continues to be the backbone of our small work family at CVSAS; I am pretty sure she has been here since the beginning of time. 
  • She is fiercely loyal to this organization, and to its staff, and 100% committed to the work we do here and the clients we serve.
  • She takes the time to get to know the staff, truly cares about our wellbeing, and is always asking, “Is there anything I can do to help?”  And it’s not just lip service… if she can help she does. 
  • She typically is the first person clients see in the morning as she is usually the first to be on site.  Always with a smile and doing what she can to make clients feel comfortable and welcome in what is so often the worst time of their lives. 
  • Aida is truly the heart of CVSAS, and I can’t imagine this place without her; an amazing colleague… an amazing friend… and just an amazing human being in every way.
  • Aida is often described as the heart of Central Vermont Substance Use Services. 
  • She is always willing to take someone under her wing and teach them anything she can. 
  • Aida stretches outside her own job to help everyone in the office. 
  • Aida has even been known to come to the office in the middle of the night when the security company calls, to make sure the building is not on fire.  Conversations about how the building would be gone before she got here are the joke, but her devotion is never questioned. 
  • She greets every client with a smile and such compassion. 
  • Aida has been with CVSAS for years and has helped hundreds of clients and staff to stand on their own! 
  • Aida is my right and left hand.  She is always willing to try something new or again, but is also not afraid to speak up about why something has not worked in the past. 
  • Aida is an advocate for staff and clients both. 
  • Aida is well deserving of the Brewster Martin Excellence Award”

Aida is very deserving of the honor and respect this award stands for and she is an excellent model of the Clara Martin Center motto “People Helping People”.

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