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Clara Martin Awarded for Community Service

“Sometimes, you cannot see great achievements. The Clara Martin Center is like that.” Marty Strange, White River Valley Chamber of Commerce (WRVCC) member remarked at the Chamber’s annual meeting where Clara Martin Center was presented with the 2013 Excellence in Community Service award.

Comparing the work of the Clara Martin Center to the work of Dr. Jonas Salk, the man who found the vaccine for polio, Strange added that “Sometimes the measure of a great accomplishment is that, because of it, we no longer have to experience things that are painful and destructive.”

“We are so much stronger as a community because of the pain we do not suffer, because the women and men of the Clara Martin Center are developing vaccines for what plagues us.” Marty concluded.

This is the first Excellence in Community Service Award the Chamber has presented. Nominations were solicited from the membership and then voted on. According to Chamber President Emma Schumann, Clara Martin was the “clear cut winner”.

The Clara Martin Center has been serving the most vulnerable and at-risk populations in Orange County for 48 years. Clara Martin Center is committed to improving the health and well-being of their clients and our communities by providing acute and long-term behavioral health care services by trained professionals.

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