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Vocational Services Accomplishments

Clients utilizing our Vocational Services have experienced some major accomplishments recently! Read about them in the latest editions of “Bright Futures” and “JOBS For People; People for Jobs!”

Clara Martin Center Youth Vocational Services

Submitted by Holly Benoir, Vocational Services Coordinator

There was much positive momentum in the Agency’s Jump on Board for Success (JOBS) vocational program for youth between October 1 and December 31, 2016.

The Clara Martin Center’s JOBS Team provided services that led to four more clients achieving their 90-day employment retention goals during this second quarter of the fiscal year. Positions held by these JOBS participants include child care, food service, and product redemption. One individual successfully segued from working two part-time jobs to a fulltime Chimney Technician career offering benefits and opportunities for advancement.

Two additional occupational placements, both in the food service industry, occurred for JOBS clients during this period, as well.

At the school level, students engaged in career research and tours of nearby businesses which allowed them to experience a manufacturing work environment through the PETS (PreEmployment Transition Services) phase of the Agency’s vocational program.

JOBS staff supported clients in gaining skills to make healthy choices, handle relationship issues, access resources, and cope with demanding situations.
Constructive foundations that are established during such an impressionable time in one’s life are, indeed, key to building bright futures, and the Clara Martin Center’s JOBS program remains committed to this objective.

Clara Martin CSP Vocational Services

Submitted by Holly Benoir, Vocational Services Coordinator

Regardless of many recent changes in the structure of Supported Employment program
funding at the state and federal levels, Clara Martin Center’s CSP vocational services
experienced much activity during the second quarter of fiscal year ’17.

During that period (October 1 – December 31, 2016), Vocational staff supported clients in overcoming barriers to job-seeking such as lack of appropriate identification, transportation issues, technological limitations, and self-doubt. Just having a helping hand to navigate back into the workforce can mean the difference between giving up or moving forward with employment efforts.

One client surpassed the 90-day successful employment milestone at a local convenience store where she has become a valuable staff member – working flexible shifts, filling in for coworkers, and learning varied tasks. Her employer has been understanding as well as accommodating of this individual’s need to continue receiving services through Clara Martin Center.

Other job opportunities of note involved Vocational staff working with one talented client to market and sell her unique creations and with another individual who provides year-round landscaping services to elite clientele.

Even while working part-time, several clients supported by the Agency’s Vocational Program began studies toward earning degrees in Psychology and Counseling, Information Technology, Healthcare, and Cyber Security.

Empowered by their accomplishments, participants in CSP vocational services are an
inspiration to others who may be contemplating enrollment in this strengths-based program. With support from the Team, clients are overcoming challenges in their lives and making the most of their assets.

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