Successful Redesignation for Clara Martin Center

Clara Martin Center has successfully completed the redesignation process with the Department of Mental Health (DMH) for Community Rehabilitation and Treatment, Adult Outpatient Services, Emergency Services and Children, Youth and Family Services programs.

DMH names one designated agency (DA) in each geographic area of the state and provides oversight and regulation to those organizations. As one of 10 designated agencies, Clara Martin Center must undergo the long and complex redesignation process every four years.

An agency must demonstrate that they meet a list of criteria and standards set forth by DMH, which ranges from program quality and access to services, to fiscal management and quality control within the agency, to patient rights and the makeup of the State Standing Committees that advises DMH on an array of issues.

DMH’s final report found Clara Martin Center in full compliance with all criteria and standards and noted many areas of excellence from the program review.

The review consisted of multiple documents and reports, on-site interviews of local stakeholders and clients served, surveys documenting adherence to these criteria, as well as appearing before the State Program Standing Committees, who make the recommendation for redesignation to DMH commissioner, Frank Reed.

In the report, Clara Martin Center was recognized as a leader in substance use services and in the integration of these services with mental health services, noting the agency’s long-term commitment to training staff in dual diagnosis treatment and providing this quality care.

Scores for the Consumer Evaluation of Clara Martin Center’s Community Rehabilitation and Treatment program were the highest in the state, with 100% responding that staff treat clients with respect and help clients solve problems when they arise.

The report praised Clara Martin Center for ratings from its own staff in the staff training category, saying the high ratings are “unusual in this period of marked pressure on agency budgets and the agency is to be commended for making them a priority and finding strategies to make it happen.”

“We at Clara Martin Center are focused on our mission to help individuals and our communities thrive. The Board of Directors, the leadership, the staff and I see this redesignation as validation of our success.” said Executive Director, Linda Chambers.

For nearly 50 years, Clara Martin Center has provided high-quality community mental health and substance use services to the Upper Valley and greater Orange County. With this experience, Clara Martin Center continues to play a role in leading the mental health field into the future, constantly adapting to meet the needs of an ever-changing healthcare system, and above all – the needs of clients and communities.

View the full redesignation report here.

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