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Clara Martin Center’s Uvalde School Shooting Statement

21 lives lost in Uvalde, TX

1 life lost in Laguna Woods, CA

10 lives lost in Buffalo, NY

8 days. . .

We bow our heads in remembrance of each individual that has been named, and for so many more that are lost every day but never become part of our collective awareness.

 “Understanding the many ways in which gun violence traumatizes entire communities makes it clear why treating a child for trauma related to one incident and then expecting them to bounce back fully healed is too often wildly unrealistic”. 

Everytown for Gun Safety

A word From Very Well: “Although having a conversation about gun violence or school shootings can feel overwhelming at first, they are an important part of keeping your kids and teens safe at school. Focus on following your child’s lead, answering their questions honestly, and refraining from providing more information than what they need.”  Here are recommendations on ways to talk with children about school shootings:  How to Talk to Your Child About School Shootings (verywellfamily.com)

As a child or an adult, the collective trauma that we all may feel as part of our communities in response to these recent tragic events may elicit any number of physical and emotional reactions for people, such as fear, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, emotional numbing and others.  Clara Martin Center is here and ready to support our communities if you want to speak to someone and get help processing the terrible events of the last two weeks, or if these events serve as a catalyst for you reach out and connect to begin to get support for other needs you may have.  Call our Access Specialists at (802) 728-4466 today and let us help support you. 

June 3, 2022 is National Gun Violence Awareness Day; Wear Orange Weekend June 4-5, 2022 with events in Essex and Montpelier About Wear Orange | Wear Orange

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