What To Expect When Setting Up Services

 Clara Martin Center provides services to community members through an access system that is flexible and responsive to one’s current needs or requests for care. Access Specialist staff are trained to help you navigate the process and be a support until you are able to connect with a clinician. When you call, the Access Specialist will gather the information listed below to help you connect with the appropriate services.

  • Demographic information
  • Identify areas that you want to focus on
  • Begin to match your needs with the appropriate services
  • Address any financial concerns

This screening can occur either over the phone

  • Randolph area: 802-728-4466
  • Bradford area: 802-222-4477
  • Wilder area: 802-295-1311

or through an in-person visit Monday through Friday at our main sites in

  • Randolph area: 11 Main Street, Randolph
  • Bradford area: 1483 Lower Plain Road, Bradford, Route 5
  • Wilder area: 39 Fogg Farm Road, Wilder